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Language support in the workplace

The new country spoken language as a second language teacher (L2) guides the foreign language employee and the work community at the beginning of the employment relationship. Language support familiarizes the employee with the language environment of the workplace, helps them to integrate into the work community and strengthens language aware guidance in the workplace. Language support promotes the employment of foreign language speakers by supporting their participation and agency.

Inquiring and Counselling service for companies

The inquiry and counselling service is a new free service for employers and for students’ work life (work- based learning) instructors. The service provides work life instructors with support in acting as a daily work life instructor. This is a pilot and experiment to map out the need for the service. Based on experience and feedbackoperations will be developed and possibly expanded to include Omnia’s own teachers.

Gender mainstreaming: educating in gender equality and pollinating feminism

Incorporating gender perspective to our formative itineraries turned out to be a long-haul work process with strategic vision. With this movement we wanted to deconstruct our imaginaries, dismantle our traditional model of thought trying to generate new questions and new forms of enhancing equality.

School Culture

The school culture is the transmission of the values of care and respect towards other people and towards the environments that host students every day; the main purpose of this practice, managed by tutors and teachers, is to make students responsible for the cleanness and care of their study place and / or workplace and the development of human solidarity.

Service based learning

Service-based learning is a methodology that allows students to execute in real contexts the competences to be acquired within a training itinerary framed in training courses.
The goal of this training itinerary is to bring the students closer to the different aspects of working and personal life.

Real project work

Real project work consists of an order, requested by a real client, given by principal to an entire class, to be developed within the school year and inherent in the specific direction of the education / training course. All the students are involved, with a view of inclusion that includes common steps but also a differentiation and division of work; it is divided into phases which are divided into specific activities. The purpose of the Real project work is twofold: on the one hand it is an opportunity for learning and expression of specific sector and direction skills in a real context, on the other hand it constitutes motivation and a synthetic point of conceptual link between the apprenticeships and the real world.

Erasmus+projects and Mobility

The MCAST Erasmus+ Projects and Mobility Office provides students and staff with the opportunity to participate in several Erasmus+ Projects and Mobility to partner institutions or companies around Europe in order to improve the students’ learning experience in an inclusive manner, while promoting required skills for inclusive behaviour amongst staff.

Building and management Research and Development laboratory

A Research and Development laboratory scouts inside its institution and the external environment to retrieve and formalize teaching/management good practices. Then it disseminates the best practices insider its institution or outside, if the market is interested in getting the best practices.

Customer consulting

In Gi Group from the first contact with the companies that will become our clients we are told as much as possible by our interlocutors to know the working context and interpret their needs. We establish a relationship of trust with customers which leads us to a continuous exchange of information useful to identify the people most suitable for their needs and their context. A careful evaluation of the customer company, as well as the in-depth knowledge of the candidates are essential so that the resulting working relationships are profitable and valuable for both parties.

VET teacher & developers to learn company perspective

All VET education is mainly aimed at excellence in the work environment. This means that company/work perspective should guide all the actions of VET and most intensively when thereis company collaboration. The biggest need of company perspective is with disadvantageous groups. They are the group that cause most of the challenges. Sure, it is very important for all,b ut most for them.