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Youth Forum

The Youth Forum is a group of young volunteers from different workshops who gather regularly. The Youth Forum provides an opportunity for young people to make an impact on issues that are important to them in Youth Workshops. The aim is to promote sense of community and well-being in youth workshops, and to support young people’s participation and social empowerment.
(The Youth Forum has been on hiatus since March 2020 due to the Covid-19 situation. Operations will be restarted during the spring 2021.)

Governance process in Lan Eskola

Lan Eskola aims at improving employability of people with disabilities through up-skilling techniques and activities, where creativity and continuous innovation are key factor for continuous improvement. It is indeed the framework in which all Lantegi Batuak´s employability-related educational activities are framed. The main goal of the project is enabling them to acquire competencies and skills which will allow them to lead a satisfactory and autonomous adult life in their personal, social and professional spheres.

Personal coaching in real working environments

Personal coaching in real working environment is a service for young unemployed jobseekers who want to get acquainted with working life and their chosen profession in a real work environment. The young person works in the workplace and receives guidance from a workplace representative on how to do the job. The young person also receives personal coaching from the personal instructor of the youth workshops while working in the workplace. Personal coaching supports a young person’s work in the workplace, it is able to support the young person in a timely manner and promotes the planning of the young person’s further path to work or education.

Competence identity

Competence identity answers the question What is my competence? Competence identity is built on one’s own personal history, but it also includes future expectations for competence and work. Redefining your own skills is a challenge that touches more and more people.

Preparation of international mobility for young people with special needs

The International Relations team, in collaboration with the diversity attention team, guides and helps students, families and teachers involved in mobility following the protocol designed to help them with all the necessary preparations prior to international mobility.

Give real freedom to employee to motivate or quit

We often encounter with a situation after some time of work or even later, that employee could maybe be a good fit for the work if he/she is really motivated. The employee has made his best on the beginning, but now is the time to get a motivated and committed employee. If your employee is from a group of special disadvantages, this practice is more efficient because they often feel a lack of freedom and have potential to be the most committed ones.

Candidate consulting and workforce managment

The consultants meet the candidates to know them and guide them in the search for a job opportunity consistent with their professional and personal characteristics support them during the entry phase and during their stay in the client company, to identify, prevent and resolve any problems and to give advice to make the working relationship profitable and valuable for workers and companies.

Inclusive holistic student-centered guidance in VET

The inclusive holistic student-oriented guidance model was created by updating the Watts & Esbroeck (1998) holistic guidance model. The updated guidance model responds to the needs of working life-oriented vocational education and training, also taking into account the acquisition of free-time learning and competence.

Tutoring: personal level of the educational plan

The educational tutor is responsible for accompanying the training and educational pathway of the class group and of each individual student through a customised pathway. The tutor builds a “customised” pathway through observation, educational relations, vocational guidance, activities and projects aimed at achieving the educational success and excellence of each student and class group, the latter being understood as both a recipient and an educational resource.

Active teaching methods implementation

The implementation of active teaching methods is a process that allows teachers to learn and develop new teaching methods, in order to better involve students and facilitate their learning. This process is managed by the Research and Development team, in collaboration with the Human Resources department and the principal.