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The GIVE Project

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Training for internship class level

A Research and Development laboratory scouts inside its institution and the external environment to retrieve and formalize teaching/management good practices. Then it disseminates the best practices insider its institution or outside, if the market is interested in getting the best practices.

Instructing work- based-learning (live training 8h)

8 hours live Training for Workplace Instructors at Companies.
Omnia offers training for student work instructors at companies. Training ensures the consistency of workplace instruction and secure the quality of the workplace guidance. The aim of the training is to develop guidance skills and help the instructors to steer the learning process at workplaces. The content of the training is divided into three parts; how to plan the learning process, how to guide the students (includes also how to guide and to meet the challenges of the students with the special needs) and finally how to assess the students. The participants come from different companies with different professional backgrounds and experiences. There are no preconditions to the participants.