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Multidisciplinary Career Counselling

The multidisciplinary career counselling identifies clients’ set of resources in terms of competence, skills, education, abilities, health and job seeking skills among others by using the multidisciplinary staff of Omnia Skills center and different activities in sight to “connect the dots” and solve the problems which are holding the person back, and to guide the client to the right kind of services.

Competency card

This practice is an example of looking for an internship. There is a student who finds it difficult to find an internship and identify her skills and strengths. The exercise will help the student identify the skills she already masters and the skills she will develop. Strengths are outlined for the student. To understand these, she needs support, where the teacher can help her. It is important to give enough time for this, because it takes time to find and internalize them. Strengths are the foundation on which a student begins to build his or her career.